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SEMINAR NA POLJSKEM 16 - 20.3. 2011

Datum začetka: 14.2.2011
Datum konca: 20.2.2011


Poljska organizacija je na seminar na Poljsko povabila dva naša prostovoljca.

V primeru, da še nisi naš prostovoljec, to lahko postaneš, in se seminarja lahko udeležiš.

Posredujem informacije, za prijavo in več informaciji nam piši na:

The Partnership-Building Activity SPRING INTO ACTION is a good starting point for European organisations who work with people with intellectual disability. Thirty three people from Poland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Malta, Turkey, Great Britain will work for 4 days in Poland to prepare youth projects, develop international cooperation and improve organisations‘ capacity. Our aim is to inspire and support involvement in Youth in Action Programme.

We focus on social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

Through ice-breaking games, workshops, role playing, discussions we want to come out with ideas for intercultural integration, overcoming stereotypes against people with disability and promoting active participation. With our springtime PBA we want to encourage our partners to develop new projects for young people and promote cooperation within the Youth in Action Programme.

Dates of the project 16-20 March 2011

Venue Zakopane

Action 4.3

 Practical info

We expect 2 ( two ) participants from each organisation Arrival 16.03.2011 Deaparture 20.03.2011 Place :

Zakopane, Poland


 You should look for flight tickets to Cracov or Katowice airport www.lotnisko-balice.pl

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