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Mladinska Izmenjava - Cooking Up Culture

Datum začetka: 27.4.2011
Datum konca: 5.5.2011

Venue: Elerji near Koper, Slovenia

Countries: Slovenia, Turkey, France, Estonia, Italy

Participants: 4 participants (of age 18 - 25) + 1 group leader (of any age) 

In the nowadays Europe it is a necessity to learn how to leave together and to accept different cultures, faiths, believes, traditions and to be tolerant and welcoming toward others. This is the only way for building a quiet, peaceful and harmonious Europe for the future. Because of that Universi decided to organise a youth exchange that focuses on the increasing the capacity of young people regarding the youth activities in the field of intercultural dialogue issues. Our aims involve the intention to increase capacity of young people and of the local community to understand the core principles of the cooperation between people with different cultural backgrounds by using food and cusine and eithin interaction with a local community. Different societies have different cultures, and among these cultural differences is the element of eating habits. All people must eat to live. But what a person eats depends on both geographical conditions, and upon his culture. We believe that the detection of eating patterns and habits and discovering traditional menus are an excellent tool for intercultural learning, promoting solidarity and respect and at the same time to combat various forms of social exclusion and discrimination that are negatively affecting young people’s development in different parts of Europe.



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