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Mladinska izmenjava v Turčiji


Organizacija iz  Turčije Fortuna Youth Union bo v okviru EU Youth in Action Program Action 1.1 Project (Youth Exchange) spomladi 2011 v mestu Batman (Turčija) organizirala mladinsko izmenjavo na temo umetnosti fotografiranja, zgodovine, strategij EU in medkulturnega dialoga.

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Batman City Info:
Batman is very historical and ancient city between Diyarbakir (One of the biggest city in Turkiye with modern lifestyle and traditions together), Mus, Bitlis, Siirt, Mardin (Where you can see the oldest and most beautiful stone (carving) works/constructions) in South East (Anatolia) part of Turkiye. It is famous by its ancient culture and civilizations which lived in these lands while River Tigris is feeding the city. You can see ancient caves; where human societies were living. Archaic Monuments, Traditional lifestyle all around you.
Middle Eastern, Middle Asian, Turkish, Anatolian Cultures at the same time can be seen in Batman.
Archaic city Hasankeyf (where we will also visit during our activities) is one of the oldest town in Anatolia.
*Batman is very important city for Oil Production of Turkiye.
*First sources about city is written on 550 B.C. by Legendary Historician Herodotus
*Batman city was always on transit point for super powers on their conquests. It is built on very strategic territory for Middle East, Asia and Eurasia
*During History; Sassanid Empire, Empire of Macedon, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Artuqids, Mongol Empire, Ilkhanate, Black Sheep Turkomen, White Sheep Turkomen, Safavids, Ottoman Empire and many other civilizations lived in this territory…
*Batman is famous with its mountainous landscape and mountains higher than 2000 metres and almost 3000 metres.
*Stone works and stone constructions from history is also great heritages for the city for centuries.
Project Info:
Project will be based on art of photography during almost all activities. We are aiming thematic photographing exchange with full of interesting experiences for young people from different countries.
Batman is very interesting city with its historical structure and cultural richness. As almost all Turkiye, city is hiding amazing heritages for  everyone from different ages of history.
Europe is getting united more and more everyday. Economical cooperations, industrial agreements, are creating stronger Europe everyday and European Union is always supporter for all members. By our project we want all participants to find their responsibilities in European Union and work like experts for our city. Because we know that without having idea about each other’s history, lifestyle, culture and traditions we will not be able to build concrete friendships. In today’s Europe, most of countries are part of this great union but at the same time still there are a lot of conflicts between member countries even if they are neighbours many times. We believe that tolerance built on intellectuality will be helpful for better future in Europe.
We will follow interesting materials and methods to reach our targets. Except taking photos, participants who will attend our youth exchange will have short simulation of history during our activities. We will aim participants to develop their creativity while they are taking photos between breathtaking atmosphere of our city. At the beginning without having knowledge about history we will expect participants to create lifestyle for people in here by their cameras. After that all participants will learn about culture and history with details.
Our city is developed specially in last 50 years. Place of Industry in European Union will be also other catch title for our project.
We will also ask from our participants to correct today’s city from point of view of an artist and European citizens. They will have responsibility to find about the situation of today and what should we change to reach European Standards.
After all process we will expect participants to create possibilities of future for our city. What type of projects we can make in the future for development process of our city? What type of cultural differences may appear in our territory?
One other simulation will be about Turkiye’s entrance process to European Union. What type of differences, advantages and disadvantages we will have by EU? How would it be if it will not be possible to get in EU?
Project Activities:
*Photo Safaries in City (Creating the model past from point of view from European Youngsters by simulations, Crictical photos about today’s city, creating future of the city by photos, advices about possible development steps and projects, what EU will bring to country? Advantages and disadvantages of EU for Batman city) , Esthetical photoshooting sessions for catalogue which we will create
*Workshop 1: Accuracies of Photographing from portraits to monuments by support of professional photographing artists.
*Workshop 2: How industry changes daily life and culture in different territories? Effects of industrial development and oil production in Batman city
*Workshop 3: History of Batman, South Eastern Anatolia and Turkiye by support of Academicians
*Workshop 4: Advantages and Disadvantages of European Union for member countries and youth.
*Workshop 5:  Basic Photographing course for local youngsters. (specially disadvantaged or disabled)
*Photo Exhibition
*Team Building Activities
*Hasankeyf, Batman and surprise tours.
*Free time activities
*Intercultural Night, Traditional Turkish Night and surprise parties.
Partner Profile:
We are looking for 5 partner organizations from 5 EU Member and Program Countries (Norway, Liechtenstein, etc). All organizations who want to take part in project should interest or work on activities connected with photographing or visual arts. We will accept 5 participants (1 leader + 4 participants) each organization/country.
*All participants should be able to communicate in English
*All participants should have interest with photographing (amateur/professional)
*Participants should be between 18-25 years old and only group leader can be older than 25 years old. There will not be any exceptions.
*All partners will have to prepare photos (taken by their members or participants) from their countries about criterias which we will inform them about.
*All partners will have to support website which we will create for the project by photos and project information
*Participants should share all photos which they took connected with project even if they are taken by analog cameras after the project. All rights to publish photos connected with photography will be under control of organizers.
Financial Conditions:
*We will reimburse %70 of your transportation costs from your home to Batman/ Diyarbakir/ Mardin  by cheapest mean of your transportation.
*We will reimburse %100 of your visa.
*There is No Participation Fee
*We will NOT reimburse Preparation Costs
*We will reimburse %100 of your accomodation, and food during the project.
*All groups should pay their own costs for their presentations, materials for intercultural night, etc
If all these conditions are ok and if you liked our ideas for Project and all activities, we gladly would like to cooperate with you so you can contact with us as soon as possible.
We will need part 3 form (partnership agreement) which is signed and stamped by your sending organization from you by mail, fax and post.
Dont hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions connected with our project and planned activities…

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