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Partnerji za kreativni trening v Turčiji


Organizacija iz Turčije Fortuna Youth Union vabi k partnerstvu za kreativni trening za vodje. Trening bo potekal v Kadirli/Osmaniye (Turčija) spomladi 2011 v okviru programa Youth in Action Programme, Action 3.1.Cooperation with Neighbouring Countries.

Short description: The program of the nine days training course Creative Leadership includes mix of theoretical presentations, simulations, creative thinking and problem solving exercises that will help 25-30 participants from 10-15 different countries to gain knowledge and skills that are important to be successful in creating and leading teams and organizations: concepts of leadership, creating and implementing visions, coaching, building and motivating teams, communication skills, creative skills, sense of entrepreneurship, as well as project management within Youth in Action program. With Training we intend to bring together organizations who are working for young people with fewer opportunities and our target group is young people who are volunteering in activities of these organizations and who themselves are coming from disadvantaged rural and border areas without access to wide range of educational programs, work and(or) travel opportunities. The main aim of the project is to empower these people for the meaningful participation in the civic life of their communities and to encourage them to dream and to fulfil their dreams: to give them ideas and tools how they might create more opportunities for self-realization and professional and personal development of their own and people around them with support of different European level programs. The training program is designed to give the participants knowledge, skills and resources that will help them to become good leaders in the future and to be more active participants in of the social, political and cultural life of their communities: local, national and European.
We are looking for 30 participants from 10-15 different organizations which are based in EU YIA Program Countries ( EU Member Countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Norway) and SEE & EECA & EURO-MED countries and organizations who are working on youth development and who have experience on this field. We will accept 1-2-3 participants from each organization depends on their requests, motivations and experiences.
Participants should be able to communicate in English.
There will not be maximum age limit. Minimum age limit is 18 for all participants.
Project will be organized in Kadirli/Osmaniye (Turkiye) which is small but cosy city by its high hospitality and rural culture (still it is not that small with  70000/500000 of population) in Eastern Mediterranean Zone, between Hatay (Queen of East), which is one of the most historical and interreligious city in Turkiye, Kahramanmaraş (Homeland of Ice Cream), Adana; 4th biggest city in Turkiye by its cosmopolitan structure & Gaziantep; center of production and history (you can find one of the first human settlements there). We don’t have an airport in city but it is possible to reach Osmaniye via Adana, Hatay & Gaziantep Airports which are busy and working airports of region. You can find flights via western metropols of Turkiye to these cities easily. (For example there are more than 4 flights from ?stanbul to just Hatay) Of course if you don’t want to have 15 hours bus trip. But we will expect huge motivation from all participants to fix reimbursement by National Agency. We will decide about dates just before application of Project because we are trying find the best accomodation for satisfaction of all participants and you will be informed about all details just after 1st November. (If you will be selected of course)
-What else about the location??
*Osmaniye is very ancient city even if it is under shadow of historical and important cities around; which hosted; Hittite Empire, Assyrians, Persians, Alexander the Macedonian, Roman Empire, Arabs, Seljuks, Ottomans, etc.
*Osmaniye is not industrial city because of agriculture culture in area; specially landlords who are producing cotton.
*Osmaniye; also produced very important intellectuals and bureaucrats for Republic of Turkiye during 20th century, you will be able to know more about all these characters and leaders ;)
*You can find one of the most important national parks Karataş-Aslantepe National Park with a lot of settlements and open air museum in Osmaniye
*Osmaniye is famous by its peanuts (Just keep in mind) 
*Hatay has nice climate for all participants who likes sun which is on city for 8 months of year ?
* A lot of historical and touristic attractions are waiting for you during your free times and during our excursions in city.
Financial Conditions:
We will cover %100 of your visa costs, accomodation and food during the Project.
 We will reimburse %70 of your transportation costs from your home to Osmaniye by cheapest mean of your transportation.
There is NO participation fee.
If all these conditions are good for you and if you liked the Project idea. We will gladly cooperate with you. So you can contact with us as soon as possible for partnerships. We will need scanned part 3 form (signed and stamped) by mail, then by fax and by post separately till deadline 1st November.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.
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