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Izobraževanje o medverskem dialogu - Litva


Vabljeni na izobraževanje “Hell is other people. Deconstruction of otherness”, ki bo potekalo spomladi prihodnje leto v Tytuvenai (manjši kraj v Litvi). Izobraževanje je del programa mladi v akciji 3.1.

Soočanje s ksenofobijo
Izboljšanje osebnih sposobnosti na področju medverstva in religije
Izmenjava izkušenj na področju boja proti verski diskriminaciji
Sklepanje prijateljstev za aktivnosti in projekte v prihodnosti

Organizator išče 30 udeležencev in 15 različnih organizacij. Komunikacija bo potekala v angleščini. Starostne omejitve ni.

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European Union Youth In Action Program Action 3.1 Training Course
SPRING 2011, Tytuvenai (Lithuania)
“Hell is other people. Deconstruction of otherness”
Who is Organizing?
Lithuania's Youth Ramuva (Lietuvos Jaunimo Ramuva, start to work at 1998.We work with young people, who are interested in religions and traditions before Christianity (Hinduism, Paganism). Our main topics is multiculturalism, ecology, human rights.  We have pagan camp with a lot of lectures, debates, dances, traditional art studions in the nature every  in August (this camp is organised from 1986 till now every year). More than 100 people is attending that camp (though majority is Lithuanians also other delegations come - from France, India, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkiye...). We took part in many international projects. Youth's Romuva  have traditional ritual lithuanian/baltic folklore group (so we meet at least twice a week;). As well as we organise projects under YIA program we organize traditional celebration (Easters, Christmas Eve, Solstice etc.). Both local and international levels are very important for Lithuania's Youth Ramuva.
Fortuna Youth Union (Fortuna Gençlik Birli?i) Hatay Fortuna Youth Union was found on January 2007 in Hatay. We are working on youth development, personal development, art, sport, politics, media etc. Our main topic is youth, youth in Turkiye and youth in Europe. We have different working groups in our community.
We joined different seminars, training courses and we took part in different projects (Action 1.2, Action 4.3 and Action 1.1) as a host organisation and as a participated organisation.  Our aim is building big network to work with in all world. Creating network between Turkiye and rest of the world.
We have 150+ members in different places of Turkiye but we have 100+ members in Hatay. We have meetings everyweek.
We had local activities like painting village schools, training courses for pupils, theatre games for old people in rest houses and children in dormitory of children protection, making Talk Show about youth in Local TV, sport tournaments, trips,concerts by our groups, seminars about youth development, personal development and problems about all these topics etc. We organise seminars for local people about the importance of sport and health, also we have local support on our sportive activities.
Why Are They Organizing?
Because we feel a lack of knowledge and understandment in work of NGO in issues connected with religion and interreligious learning.
What will happen?
Hell is other people. Deconstruction of otherness
Concept of the training course:
"Hell is other people" With this quote from J. P. Sartre famous play „No exit“ we want to express xenophobia and fear of otherness in our contemporary society. Tough „hell“ in this name of the project is getting even more correct meaning than just a metaphor of an evil. “Hell” in here  has a strong religious meaning also (exactly in our seminar context „hell“ preserves its primordial sense which means „opposition to heaven“). Frequently conflicts between successors of different confessions arise because of inaptitude to understand „others“ like a part of them. This antagonistic preconception, this exclusiveness to any constructive dialogue is the main reason of conflict. The name of a training course express an aspiration to deconstruct the „otherness“ in order to fight and destroy antagonism. The aim of deconstruction of otherness is to find similarities and generalities which would bring us to dialogue for creating a better solutions for our nowadays difficult situation of religion but not for creating and encouraging continuing fights. Because these fights see only one sollution – destroying their opponent, and dialogue is for creating better world all together.
Accordingly to the project philosophical concept project’s aims is:
• Fight with xenophobia
• Improve personal competencies in field of multiculturalism and religion
• To share experience in field of fighting with religious discrimination
• To make friends for future projects and actions;)
Because of European Union year of combating poverty and social exclusion we have some extra aims, like:
• Promoting YIA program for youth of local society and etc.
And training course’s methodology includes informal (games, parties, traveling etc.) and formal learning (lectures, discussions, presentations). In generally You will not have free and boring time. Be ready for joyful work surrounded by Lithuanian woods and lakes.
We are looking for 30 participants from 15 different organizations which are based in EU YIA Program Countries ( EU Member Countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Norway) and SEE Countries.
Participants should be able to communicate in English. There is no age limit. But at heart You should feel idealistic like 16 years old and experienced like in age 35 ?
Location and Project Dates:
Project will be organized in Tytuvenai. Small city in the north west part of Lithuania, surrounded by lakes. The nearest airports is in Riga(180 km) and Vilnius (200 km).
Financial Conditions:
We will cover %100 of your visa costs, accommodation and food during the Project.
We will reimburse %70 of your transportation costs from your home to Tytuvenai. Please choose the cheapest way. 
There is NO participation fee.
If all these conditions are good for you and if you liked the Project idea, we will definitely cooperate with you (YOU SHOULD BE MOTIVATED ENOUGH). So you can contact with us as soon as possible for partnerships. We will need scanned version of part 3 form (signed and stamped) by email. Then the original by post (We will tell you the post adress when you will contact with us)
Part 3 form which you need to send us is attached to our mail.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.



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