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At the moment we are implementing an EVS group project in our home location related to cooperation between Rroma and non - Rroma youth, as this minority is the biggest in Oltenia region and very much discriminated.

SEED (Sport Education for intEgration Development) is a Group EVS project having as main aim the involvement, active participation and cooperation between Rroma and Romanian youngsters. The project will involve 10 volunteers from Programme Countries, and will be implemented in Craiova for 9 months, basically in three communities were Rroma youngsters are living and studying (only in a separated manner from the Romanian pupils).

The project aims also towards volunteer personal development, providing them opportunities for intercultural learning and cultural awareness, new skills and abilities development, multilinguism and use of sport as educational tool.

The activities of the project have already started, but one of our volunteers had to leave the project as unfortunate things happend in his family.

We are now looking for 2 motivated, open minded persons, willing ot work in a rich intercultural environment in non - formal education activities with youth of 8 - 17 years old.

More information is to be found in the attachment.

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